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Important announcement to all users inquiring the wallet(s) balance of their account
You can inquire your account balance recorded in the MTGOX database on this site. This balance inquiry service is provided on this site only for the convenience of users. Please note that the users who hold rehabilitation claims which the Rehabilitation Trustee accepted are not able to inquire their account balance on this site.
Please be aware that inquiring the balance on this site does not constitute a filing a proof of rehabilitation claim under the civil rehabilitation proceedings. Please note that the balance displayed is the amount of cash and/or the quantity of Bitcoin in the MTGOX database that reflects only the result of investigation conducted by the trustee so far, which is not necessarily the definitive balance. The Rehabilitation Trustee may approve the different amount of cash and/or the quantity of Bitcoin from the balance displayed as rehabilitation claim, depending on the results of the future investigation by the Rehabilitation Trustee.
Rehabilitation claims under the civil rehabilitation proceedings will be fixed through filing a proof of claims and the investigation procedure.
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